-I’m new to Fulcrum Fitness. Will there be someone there to greet me?

There are Fulcrum Staff Members, FitPros, and FusionPros, around in the lobby before class starts. Make sure if this is your first time to the W. Burnside location, arrive 10 - 15 minutes in advance to get set up in the space, sign in, and grab a locker for your things. .

Do I need to sign anything before class?

When you sign up for your first class, you will be prompted to sign a waiver and set up your profile. Doing this in advance makes your first time in the studio super easy. 


How do I check in for a class?


What do I need to bring?


Can I freshen up at the W. Burnside location?

There are two ways - you can either sign up via our website or download Zen Planner app (iPhone/ Google Play Store) and reserve your spot for class on your phone.

When you get to the studio, there is an iPad kiosk near the stairs up to the cycle loft in the lobby. Search for your name and you will be able to check yourself in to class.


For all classes, it's gonna get sweaty so make sure you bring a towel and a water bottle. We have a filtered water station to help keep you hydrated.

For cycle classes: Wear hard-soled tennis shoes or cycle shoes with SPD clips (we don’t offer rentals at this time). 

For yoga classes: Bring a mat. 

For barre classes: Wear ballet wraps or sticky socks. You can also rock it out barefoot.

For team training Matrix classes: Wear your (clean) cross-trainers. 

Absolutely! We have female and male locker rooms (No need to bring a lock!)

Lockers rooms are equipped with showers, so you can get ready after class. We offer some toiletries (hair ties, soap, cotton balls, q-tips, dry shampoo, etc.). You will need to bring a towel to dry off and any other toiletries you like to get ready with that make you feel awesome after a solid sweat session.