Class Schedule


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You're one class away from a good mood.



60 minutes of ballet-style, pilates, and yoga moves to lengthen and build muscles with isometric moves, core work, and laser focus intensity. 

Barre Express

More combo moves and three cardio segments fused together for a calorie-torching workout. Light dumbbells are used for upper body work. Same great results within a 45 min class with extra endurance challenges.

Bike + Barre

Combines our two most popular offerings for an hour of full-body power. 30 minutes of beat-driven cycle followed by 30 minutes of lengthening, strengthening barre

Cycle Beats

45 minutes of beat-driven and choreographed cycle with upper body work using light hand-weights.

Cycle Road

45 minutes of road cycling simulation-  with hills, flats, and intervals. Push yourself to your edge!


30 minutes of beat-driven, heart rate rising cycle followed by 30 minutes of power yoga.



A super efficient combination of strength and cardio workouts. 30 minutes of core zapping TRX circuit training  followed by a calorie-blasting 30 minutes of Cycle Beats!

Yoga Sculpt

60 minutes of plyometrics, cardio, and light weight-training mixed with the power, balance, and strengthening of yoga.


Power Yoga

A powerful, dynamic & sweaty all levels flow class. This class incorporates a serious number of Vinyasas, and they're definitely going to get your entire body into gear. Expect to move in sync with your breath and build heat in the body. 

Active Recovery

Take a day to stretch out all the lifting, running, cycling, and life you've done this week! Active Recovery is a mix of yoga poses and mobility stretches to lengthen muscles with a focus on increasing mobility, range of motion and maximize your body's repair. Get your mind and body reconnected in this 60 minute class.